Consume-aware e-learning collaborative platform

The Consume-aware platform is an innovative Internet collaborative platform which collects all the outcomes of the Consume-aware project.

The Consume-aware collaborative platform will enhance the quality of learning process and increase the awareness of all platform visitors (students, teachers and regular Internet users) about their rights as consumers.

Book “Consumer Protection Standards in Europe”

The book constitutes a theoretical introduction and therefore a background of a project, in order to study consumer protection, all stakeholders need to achieve relevant basic knowledge which allows to understand who the consumer actually is, what are his rights and protection models.

Consume-aware Mobile Application – consuMEE

The mobile application is an innovative tool used within the learning process, and moreover will be a useful solution for all consumers within the European Union.

The mobile application will be developed on the basis of database, which include all possible identified problems concerning consumers rights and their protection that they may face in their everyday life. Consumers who will download the app from app store will also have an opportunity to contact the consortium with problems they have (if the one will be not resolved inside the app – it will enable genuine up-to-date knowledge).

The creation of this application will enhance the awareness of consumers, also those who are students, about their rights and protection and will contribute to make their life easier.